Company History

  • 1982

    Start with a small service

    C.T.C.O. has been established in 1982 in SYRIA as a private owned company with an ability to construct Industrial Projects.
    Then executed the first project with TECHNOPOL (Germany), which comprises a Flour Mill capacity of 500 Tons/Day in Damascus Syria.

  • 1983

    Industrial projects

    C.T.C.O. had been concentrated to participate only in Industrial projects.

  • 1986

    Oil and Gas field construction

    C.T.C.O. switched over their activities to Oil and Gas field construction.

  • 1987

    Supplying skilled technical Man-Power

    C.T.C.O. has started to supply highly skilled technical Man-Power to many companies inside Syria and overseas as well.

  • 2005

    Branch in ALGERIA

    C.T.C.O. started a Branch in ALGERIA as a private Company, comprising with Algerian rights & regulation and with limited responsibilities.

  • 2006

    Project with Brown & Root - Condor (BRC).

    C.T.C.O. executed the first project in 2006 with Brown & Root - Condor (BRC).

  • 2014

    Residential Building Projects.

    In 2014, C.T.C.O. started the activities of residential building.

  • 2016

    First pipe line project in Tunisia.

    In 2016, C.T.C.O. got its first pipe line project in Tunisia.