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C.T.C.O. defines the main scope of activities as follows:

  1. Construction and Pre-commissioning of Oil, Gas, Product and Water Pipelines.
  2. River Crossing Pipelines.
  3. Terminal and Tank form Piping Construction and Pre-commissioning of Oil, Gas and Product Facilities, such as:
  • Central Production Facilities.
  • Gathering Stations.
  • Compressor and Pump Stations.
  • Water Disposal/Injection Facilities.
  • Storage Tanks.
  • Power Station.
  • Construction of Gas Well heads and Associated Facilities.
  • Building and Road Construction.
  • Construction of Steel Structure.

C.T.C.O. is capable to carry out all types of construction works to execute such projects:

  • Civil Works – Earth works, Concrete works & Construction of Gas Well head, Buildings, Roads, Fencing.
  • Mechanical Works – Prefabrication and erection of pipe lines, unit piping, Tanks, Steel structure, Installation & Alignment of equipment and Blasting, Painting & Coating.
  • Electrical and Instrument Installation.
  • Pre-commissioning – Hydrostatic, Pneumatic and Vacuum testing, checking of vessels and rotating equipment, cable and loop testing.

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